Heathfield Reads

Reading gives students such a wealth of benefits which is why encouraging our students to read is a priority at Heathfield Community College. All the research tells us the same thing about reading: it gives students both an academic advantage and a well-being boost.

Each year, we conduct an annual reading survey that shows the majority of Heathfield students do spend some time, each week, reading outside of school hours. Over time, we have seen that, consistently, Heathfield students are more likely to read than typical teenagers (based on the annual surveys from the National Literacy Trust).

Still, we want all our students to reap the benefits of reading so we promote reading with posters of staff and students across the school and offer everyone the opportunity to take part in Heathfield Reads. Here are the rewards on offer:

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold reading certificates each term
  • A house point for every book read
  • Entry into the termly £10 Amazon voucher competition if you reach Silver/Gold standard

Readers are winners!



Guide to structuring a book review

Book Review
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See what our teachers are reading & why they like to read:

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