Praise and Awards

Individual achievement, attendance and high standards of courtesy and behaviour are all celebrated at College. Throughout the College praises are awarded by staff for achievement, effort and contribution to College values and aspirations. Praise is tiered at three levels P1, P2 & P3.

Students can be awarded a P1 or P2 for displaying the Heathfield Habits in the classroom or in the wider College community.

A P3 is issued by a Head of Department, a Head of Year or a member of the Senior Leadership Team for an outstanding contribution over a period of time.

All praise is logged electronically in our database and is celebrated in a celebration assembly three times a year where certificates are awarded.



The Tony Russell Award

This award is presented annually to one student from each year group for exceptional achievement. The award is for someone who has achieved over and above their call of duty or ability in any field. They have made contributions to the College as well as excelling in a number of fields, including but not limited to, academic subject areas, sport or the Arts.

Tony Russell Award Winners 2021
Year 7        Mason Dain
Year 8        Ajla Alihodzic
Year 9        Dora Lewis
Year 10      Alfie Lovett
Year 11      Joseph Goodsell
Year 12      Aoife Godsave
Year 13      Samuel Vincent

Tony Russell Award Winners 2020
Year 7        Felicity Beebee
Year 8        Harry Sedgwick
Year 9        Amy Washington-Thurston
Year 10      Olivia Irwin
Year 11       –
Year 12      Jaz Potter-Grant
Year 13      Georgia Reed-Davies
Tony Russell Award Winners 2019
Year 7        Kristian Skilton
Year 8        Nathan Steel
Year 9        Freya Flagg
Year 10      Maisy Evershed
Year 11      Atholl Martin
Year 12      Eleanor Dawson
Year 13      Lana Gregory
Tony Russell Award Winners 2018
Year 7        Pixie Mae Le Fay
Year 8        Helena Permaul
Year 9        Daniel Sutton
Year 10      Hattie Pemberton
Year 11       Bella Saville
Year 12       Madison Lockwood
Year 13       Aisling Page
Tony Russell Award Winners 2017
Year 7        Cameron Matthews
Year 8        Amelia Bowerman
Year 9        Jasmine Batson
Year 10      Hannah McCarthy
Year 11      Jake Burton
Year 12      Will Bellingham
Year 13      Aaron Davies
Tony Russell Award Winners 2016
Year 7        Rachel Sparrow
Year 8        Maezie Lane
Year 9        Theo Hamilton
Year 10      Louisa Dollimore
Year 11      Charlotte Burt
Year 12      Lauren Smith
Year 13      James Jenkins
Tony Russell Award Winners 2015
Year 13   Jess Douglas-Fairbrass & Jordan Tapp
Year 12   Katie Baird
Year 11   Tommy Buck
Year 10   Will Poulton
Year 9     Lauren Gibb
Year 8     Emily Randolph
Year 7     Charlie Moon
Tony Russell Award Winners 2014
Year 13   Elliott Young
Year 12   Phil Sutton
Year 11   Rachel Adams
Year 10  Julianna Hella
Year 9    Ben Barden
Year 8    Moana Muller
Year 7    Rebecca Hamilton



Paul Delderfield Award

This award is presented annually to one student who has continued with College life in the face of adversity.
Paul Delderfield Award Winner 2019 – Fraser Kent

2018 – Harvey Bulmer
2017 – Celia Allison
2016 – Phoebe Evans



Gill Holtham Award

This award is presented annually to one student who has shown the determination to work hard at changing their attitude to become hard working and committed.
Gill Holtham Award Winner 2021 – Dan Longley

2020 – Zachary Richardson
2019 – Millie Price
2018 – Jay Knowles
2017 – Thomas Taylor
2016 – Ellie Lockhart