Welcome: Vision & Values

Ms C Barlow

I am delighted to welcome you to Heathfield Community College, a high performing secondary school and Sixth Form, which I feel privileged to lead.  Heathfield is a happy and successful environment; we are very proud of our inspirational and ambitious community.

We have a simple aim, which is that we look, feel and behave like the best school in the county so that our students get a better deal at Heathfield Community College than they would at any other school.  Our success is based on that strong sense of community, high expectations and mutual respect.  Students are well known and well supported, developing a firm identity with College values and a sense of responsibility for one another.

Committed and experienced staff create the very best learning environment for all our students, who apply a purposeful focus to their innovative curriculum alongside research-informed teaching and learning.  This combination of factors has a proven track record of success for student outcomes and subsequent destinations.

We are ambitious for our students, promoting academic excellence and personal achievement for all.  A range of rich experiences and opportunities help to develop individuals who are able to achieve their very best.  All students are encouraged to participate fully to develop the vital skills they need to thrive and excel. We call these skills our Heathfield Habits and they are embedded in all aspects of College life.

Our positive and optimistic environment ensures young people can flourish, developing the self-esteem and resilience needed for their success and happiness.  Every member of our community accepts their role in creating and supporting that ethos. Students are happy here; they succeed, often achieving far more than they ever thought possible.

Our most recent inspection in May 2023 confirmed many previous inspections which emphasised the strong sense of community and aspiration, describing Heathfield as a “great school” with many outstanding features. “The school values of ‘Pride, Ambition, Community’ are lived out in daily life. Pupils flourish here. They are well mannered and polite. Staff set a high bar in terms of pupils’ conduct. Pupils feel happy and safe in this vibrant and nurturing school.”

But don’t just take our word for it – we would be delighted to show you more of our very happy and high-achieving College.

Ms C Barlow, Headteacher


About the School

Heathfield Community College serves the local community from a pleasant 26 acre site on the edge of Heathfield. Our size offers us many advantages: we have excellent facilities, allowing us to offer a wide and varied range of academic and vocational courses at all levels. The Heathfield campus has been steadily improved in recent years. We have both a Library and a dedicated Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre, we also enjoy large open space and a floodlit all-weather astro-turf pitch. A rolling programme of refurbishment means we continue to upgrade and improve our site and facilities including Science rooms, Music Technology and ICT facilities, including our very own Apple-esque Genius Bar. There is also a fitness centre (adjoining the school site and run by Freedom Leisure), and multi-use games areas.

Heathfield Community College offers all students:

  • A well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum
  • A record of excellent examination results
  • Well qualified specialist staff combining innovative and traditional methods in the classroom
  • A secure, supportive, encouraging and happy environment
  • A wide range of extra-curricular and residential activities.

Vision & Values

Heathfield Community College has a clear set of goals and beliefs. These were collaboratively formed and are the basis by which we conduct our everyday experience and set our long term aspirations. They are underpinned by the essence of Heathfield: Pride . Ambition . Community

A 5 year strategic plan, formulated by College leadership and governors, is driven by these principles and translates into annual College Improvement Planning that incrementally ensures the College continues to provide the best possible environment and education for our young people.

Students from Heathfield Community College leave the College as well rounded, proactive young adults ready to be responsible citizens of the future with strong values, principles and ambition for success. This is achieved by a clear focus on the skills and attributes that we know are essential for future success in life. The exceptional exam results achieved by our students will open doors but the key to sustained future success and happiness is the ability to demonstrate the qualities that rarely appear on an exam paper.

We call them our Heathfield Habits and we promote, recognise and reward them every day.