Welcome to the Governors’ pages. We would like to introduce ourselves to you, and to explain to you the role of Governors here at Heathfield, and also look at the ways in which we support and challenge the College to provide the best learning opportunity to each and every student.

Our highest priority is the enrichment of every student and we measure the success of the College through the outstanding work and dedication of the staff to deliver personalised learning, so that the future opportunities for every individual are realised.

We also challenge ourselves, as a governing body, to make a continuous positive contribution to the aspirations of the College, to be the best it can be.

We would like to share the College’s aspirations with you, and hope that all our identified stakeholders are engaged in our ambitions to have Heathfield Community College recognised as the heart of Heathfield.

R Karn Sept 13

 Richard Karn – Chair of Governors


The Governors of Heathfield Community College will to the best of their ability:

  • Champion the College, Staff and Students.
  • Present themselves as ambassadors of the College.
  • Strive for the best education available for every individual student.
  • Ensure the College offers fulfilment and enjoyment for each student during their time at the College.
  • Stimulate enthusiasm for life.