Digital Learning Scheme


iPad Insurance & Warranty Claims

It is important that your son/daughter takes their iPad to the IT Network Office as soon as possible if there is damage or a fault.  Stolen iPads should also be reported as soon as possible to the Police who will give you a Crime Reference Number which will be required by the insurance company.
If your son/daughter is not currently in school please contact Network Services at [email protected]

Please note that the following is not covered by the insurance policy:

  • any damage sustained when the iPad is out of the protected case supplied by the College
  • deliberate damage, e.g. caused by carelessness.
  • theft of an unattended iPad

Update to Insurance Terms for the Digital Learning Scheme, January 2022

Please note that the insurance company for the digital learning scheme have clarified that any damage sustained when the iPad is left unattended in a bag on the floor whilst playing sport will not be covered by the insurance policy.  We have therefore installed hooks by the MUGA and adjacent playground where ball games are allowed at break and lunchtime.  We remind students to use these hooks but it is the responsibility of the student to do so.  If they do not use these hooks and the iPad is damaged by leaving their bag on the floor then it will not be covered by the insurance and parents/guardians will have to pay for the iPad to be repaired.  When the field is open later in the year we will ensure that students have outside lockers to place their bags inside whilst playing sport.