Careers Programme

We are pleased to let all stakeholders know the college was successful in being designated for the full award of Investors in Careers in May 2022 for the third time.  In a constantly evolving world of employment, education and training we recognise the need to improve and adapt what we can do to support our students in their progression after school. Some of our current priorities include: using more of our alumni and local training providers to grow the aspirations of y8 students in a planned new Wider Curriculum Day in 2023, as well as increased support for y12 and 13 in securing Higher and Degree level apprenticeships and exploring the possibility of y7 having increased experience of a workplace.

We are embedding our Careers’ Education throughout the curriculum at key progression points for students and developing our exciting Heathfield Futures’ Programme.

A Student’s Typical Journey

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Careermag for Parents aims to connect students and their parents with quality advice and guidance.

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Parental Guidance – A website offering careers information and advice


1. What is CEIAG?

An acronym for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

2. How can my child get a Careers interview?

Our independent Careers adviser is available with no appointment needed at Parents’ Evenings. One to one interviews are organised for Year 10 from the middle of Term 5 once Year 11 are on Study Leave, and continue into Year 11, these are advertised in assemblies and via tutors or the Head of Year. Sixth Form can request interviews or might be directed to by the Sixth Form team.

3. Who is in charge of Careers Education at HCC?

Currently it is Jo Taylor, the Head of PSHEe, and Careers Leader.

4. Who is the College’s Careers Adviser?

Chantelle Kite works full time and offers one to one interviews from the end of year 10 through to y11 universally and to y12 and Y13 as requested or directed.

5. What qualification does the Careers Adviser have?

Chantelle is a Level 6 qualified Careers Guidance Counsellor.

6. Where is the Careers’ Library?

In the main library, it includes College and University prospectuses as well as careers’ magazines and guides to apprenticeships. Any student can access it at break, lunchtime or after school.

7. Where is the Careers’ Noticeboard?

In the Maths corridor opposite the library entrance. It is regularly updated and includes information ranging from posters advertising College open days and evenings to the National Careers’ Service phone number and website.

8. What is the RPA?

Raising the Age of Participation: which means that the government expects all young people to remain in Education, an apprenticeship or work with training until their 18th Birthday.

9. What are my child’s alternatives to studying A Levels?

There are a range of alternatives including: T Levels, NVQs, BTECs, Diplomas or apprenticeships. These are usually courses and qualifications which are more vocational than A Levels.

10. Why does HCC offer Options’ Choices in Year 8?

We believe that a 3 year Key Stage 4 gives students more scope for choice and to mature and feel focussed on their learning.

11. What is the College’s policy about work experience?

Work experience is only offered as an option during Enrichment Week in Term 6 to Year 10. This is currently under review. In the Sixth Form students are encouraged through coaching and PSHEe to pursue work experience to help to either secure work with training or to gain a place at university.

12. Where can I find the College’s Careers Policy?

On the website alongside all other key policies: Policies

13. How can I help my child find a career that they will enjoy?

There are a number of free websites which the College recommends accessible through the students’ drop down menu, these include information about different careers and quizzes to match the user’s interests to a job. It is also really useful to encourage conversations about careers, in particular with other family members and friends. Organising work shadowing or visits as well as encouraging paid employment as long as it does not impinge on your child’s academic progress can all be helpful.

14. What is the government’s statutory expectations about what schools should provide for their students?

The latest guidance from the government is: Careers Guidance Provision for Young People in School. The emphasis is on the importance of careers education starting from Y7, and to encourage increased links with employers.

15. What is ?

A search and apply site for FE Colleges and Sixth Forms in East Sussex. All HCC students are provided with a log in for the site in the last term of Y10, and their account goes live once they are in Y11. Support is offered in PSHEe lessons with using and applying through the site.

16. How is Careers’ Education at the College monitored?

We use the Careers and Enterprise Company’s ‘Compass’ tool initially to assess our provision and their ‘Tracker’ tool to improve. This process is ongoing but is monitored by the Local Authority 3 times a year and our Enterprise Adviser and Careers’ Governor when they meet formerly with the Careers’ Lead.

17. What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

These are 8 benchmarks recognised in 2014 by the charitable Gatsby Foundation, and endorsed by the Careers and Enterprise Company. HCC uses these to shape their careers’ provision

18. Who are the key staff responsible for CEIAG at the College?

Jo Taylor: Careers Leader and Head of PSHEe: [email protected]
Barry Howard: Deputy Head, responsible for curriculum development and enrichment which includes the options process and enrichment week, also line manager for PSHEe
Paul Mehra: Enterprise Adviser
Donna Taylor: Alumni coordinator
Heads of Y8 and Y11 and Pastoral Managers: oversee and support in the transition for students into GCSE and beyond
Sam White: creates a wide variety of Careers Support in Sixth Form through assemblies, a PSHEe programme, tutor programme and Collapsed Curriculum Days, she is also a level 6 qualified careers guidance counsellor.
Chantelle Kite: Level 6 qualified Careers Guidance.