Responsibilities & Sub-Committees


The roles and responsibilities of a governor are many and varied.

In the first instance, we have a legal responsibility to ensure that the College is providing a good standard of teaching and learning, and we have a responsibility to ensure that the College is managed on a financially sound footing and that all appropriate policies, plans and procedures are effective and implemented.

To carry out the role required of us, we meet regularly at formal meetings of the full governing body and at sub-committee meetings to delve into aspects of the College management. These are explained in the find out more section.

We have developed our light touch to positive challenge, and balanced this with a strong support ethos through our understanding of the workings of our College. In offering our support and challenge we must be proactive and this we deliver in a variety of initiatives and activities, such as:

· Departmental links and visits
· Specific governor training
· Informal working group initiatives
· Engagement at open days
· Engagement at parent evenings
· Involvement in College Council
· Feedback from Student Voice
· Celebrating achievements
· Supporting concerts and events

· Voluntary governor fund
· Staff appointments
· Staff exit interviews
· Transition from Primary School
· Transition to Further Education
· Career opportunities
· Sharing best practice
· Communicating and listening



The Full Governing Board meets three times per year with two separate committees meeting three times a year that directly feed back to the Full Governing Board.

Education Committee

This committee was set up to review the college curriculum, address how stakeholders are communicated with, to review and challenge results and to assess how attendance, attainment and behaviour are dealt with at the college. All reviews by Governors are set against the school improvement plan and are strategic in their nature.

Members of the Education Committee:

Helen Vine – Chair
Simon Lewis – Vice Chair
Roger Enock – Governor
Jon Reynard – Governor
Jo Taylor – Staff Governor
Barry Howard & Tom Flower – Deputy Headteachers
Paul Evason & Becka Lynch – Assistant Headteachers

Finance & General Purposes Committee

This committee reviews the financial status of the College, to sign off and assess financial processes and procedures and to make financial decisions designed to improve the strategic drive of the College against the School Improvement Plan. These include building and maintenance, health & safety as well as the main school budget year on year.

Members of the Financial & General Purposes Committee:

Ian Mailer – Chair
Mark Evans – Vice Chair
Caroline Barlow – Headteacher
Richard Karn – Governor
Kelly Russell & Lori Alford – Finance team