Constitution, Log of Pecuniary Interests and Attendance

The Governing Board is made up of representatives from many of the main stakeholder groups who contribute to College life – in particular, parent governors, staff governors, governors appointed on behalf of the local authority and co-opted governors.  Every governor serves a term of office – normally four years, before standing for re-election.  The Governing Board has a collective responsibility and decisions are made by majority vote.  Each full governor has a vote on key decisions.  From time to time we increase our wealth of knowledge and expertise through the appointment of Associate Members to the governing board.  An associate member will be engaged to bring additional and particular skills and experience, and will play an active part in the discussion and debate on the plans and aspirations for the College, but they have some restrictions applied in any voting processes.


Designation Name Term start Term end
LA Alison Doig 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Trevor Goldsmith 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Richard Karn, Chair of Governing Body 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Peter Roundell, Vice Chair of Governing Board 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Anthony Southern  18-Jan-18 17-Jan-22
Co-Opted Liz Williams 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Stephen Baldwin 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Co-Opted Darrell Hamilton 14-Mar-19 13-Mar-23
Staff Joanna Taylor 01-Oct-19 31-Sep-23
Head Teacher Caroline Barlow 01-Sep-15  

Please note that Chair of Governing Board & Vice Chair of Governing Board are elected annually. A large percentage of Governors have been voted by the Board to extend their service and have been asked to remain and have been co-opted based on their skills and experience.

Log of Pecuniary or Business Interests 2019-20

Governors Attendance at Meetings – 2018/2019

Governor Name Full Governing Body
(6 x pa)
Curriculum Committee
(3 x pa)
Stakeholders  Committee
(3 x pa)
Finance & General Purposes Committee
(3 x pa)
Stephen Baldwin 5  2   2  
Caroline Barlow 6     3  
Janet Bass 5 3 0    
Felicity Candogan 6 3 3    
Alison Doig 4 3   3  
Trevor Goldsmith 3   0 1  
Darrell Hamilton 2 3      
Richard Karn 6    1 2  
Yvonne Mills 0  0      Resigned
Peter Roundell 5 2  2  3  
Anthony Southern 4     3  
Jo Taylor 5   3    
Liz Williams 2 1   2  
If the box is blank, then that Governor isn’t a member of that committee.