Student Leadership

Student Leadership Opportunities

Heathfield Community College is committed to offer opportunities for students to develop their own leadership abilities. Our leadership programme compliments our wider curriculum offer and supports students in developing skills that they can apply both inside and outside of College. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to actively participate in schemes that develop their collaborative working skills and their abilities to lead others.

Current opportunities include:



Digital Genius Our Digital Geniuses support other students and staff with the use of iPads across the school. Students are an active part of the technical side giving guidance from our Digital Genius bar. They also play a part in suggesting opportunities for using apps for teaching and learning and as part of the evaluation of digital technology in college.
Radio Heathfield Launched in 2015 Radio Heathfield broadcasts shows to students throughout the week. We have students from all year groups participating in the development and performance of shows. The radio shows are broadcast during break and lunch times.
Heathfield Vine Our award-winning online newspaper has been running for a number of years. It is written by students from all year groups, with a sixth-form editor. Students produce and edit articles on a range of different topics which are shared termly through the student-run website.
Library Leaders Our library leaders support the day-to-day running of the library by taking responsibility for loaning out books, booking computer facilities and organising the collection. In addition, they are involved in choosing new book purchases for the library as well as writing reviews and recommendations for other students.  Finally, they are also involved in the organisation and running of the Library Quiz and the Book Fair.
Prefects Our prefect system is offered to all students in Year 11. Students apply for the role which involves an application based on our Habits and an interview. Successful students are able to work in departments and in year groups to support younger students across the school. They are also an integral part of our whole school events by meeting parents and offering directions.
Sports Leaders Our Sports leaders can support the PE department by assisting at the Colleges afterschool sports clubs, fixtures and in particular the sporting themed House Competition events.  They are also involved in leading and officiating at various primary sporting events hosted at HCC or when visiting primary schools.
Student Executive Council Our College Council is a democratically elected body of students who contribute to the College evaluation processes and provide students with a way of raising any concerns they have. They actively discuss whole school issues along with voicing ideas from their fellow peers. They meet with their year group  and with the executive Council once every term.
Numeracy Ambassadors Our Numeracy Ambassadors work closely with younger year groups and primary students to support students in developing their Maths skills. This can be done in and outside of Maths lesson time.
Anti-Bullying Champions A group of trained students who can support their peers with issues surrounding bullying and provide a visible presence for students.
Eco Reps Our Eco Reps are keen to encourage the College to become more eco-minded and environmentally friendly through direct action, such as community litter picks and improvements to the College recycling programmes, and participation in national campaigns, such as Switch Off Fortnight and the Youth Climate Summit.
HTV (Heathfield TV) Launched in 2017, HTV regularly present a series of news and public interest stories covering a diverse range of topics such as human trafficking, e-sports, the election and how to avoid hackers! We have students from all year groups participating in the development and performance of shows. HTV aim to release a new show at least once a term.
Peer Mentoring Our Year 10 peer mentors offer support to students in years 7 and 8. A Peer Mentor is another student who can serve as a resource, a helping hand, a sounding board, and a referral service. The job of peer mentors is to provide support, encouragement, and information to students. Peer mentors are identified by their HoY and trained to ensure that they can give the appropriate support and guidance.

Running across all of our Leadership strands is our internal Heathfield Leadership Accreditation. Students are awarded based on developing a set of skills over a period of time, in each of the leadership strands. These skills include: Commitment, Organisation, Communication, Being accountable, being a role model, Team work, Presentation and Reflection, to name but a few. Students will be able to develop these leadership skills to a bronze, silver and gold award level. Each leadership strand has their own portfolio of evidence to support accreditation.