The Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Department is a stand-alone department at Heathfield which delivers much of the statutory and recommended strands of educating young people which do not easily fit into the remit of other subjects. These important areas include: Careers Education, Personal and Financial Well Being, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Work Related Learning and Citizenship.

Curriculum Intent

PSHEe’s Intent is to equip students to enjoy and thrive in their lives in, and beyond, College. The learning is underpinned by the belief that every individual is unique and matters (Heathfield Important Goals). PSHEe is a discrete timetabled subject, but is also mapped alongside an embedded Personal Development Curriculum delivered across tutor time, assemblies, student leadership, CEIAG lessons in all subject areas and Extended Learning Days.

The PSHEe curriculum is structured around 2017 PSHE association recommended Programme Of Study: Theme 1: Health and Well- Being, Theme 2: Relationships, Theme 3: Living in the Wider World. It is also mapped against the Department of Education’s 2013 ‘Citizenship programme of study’. The curriculum in PSHEe forms part of the College’s connected coverage of: FBV: Fundamental British Values and SMSC: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Embedded in the PSHEe curriculum and in the broader Personal Development curriculum are the following statutory duties:

DATE – Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education (HM government’s July 2017 Drug Strategy and Sept 2018 Criminal Exploitation of children and vulnerable young adults: County Lines Guidance), RSHE: Relationships, Sex and Health Education (statutory from 2020), CEIAG: Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (Careers’ Education statutory from 2018)



The Department has a dedicated classroom, and a resource base which doubles as an office.

In addition to delivering PSHEe lessons across Key Stages 3 and 4, the Department is also heavily involved in a number of whole school initiatives including: Anti- Bullying Week, The Anti- Bullying Champions, ‘Kindness Day’, Career Talks, the Big Vote, Student Voice initiatives, charity fund raising events and part of the planned tutor programme.