Drama is a department within the Visual and Performing Arts.  We are a dedicated and forward thinking department who are passionate about providing our students with a rich, diverse and exciting Drama experience.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum ensures that they learn how to create believable and interesting characters and narrative through improvisation and script. Students learn about key theatrical practitioners and are encouraged to experiment with theatrical style in their own work. We employ a range of drama strategies to deepen their knowledge, understanding and engagement, with character, relationships and themes. We also encourage students to enhance the quality of their performances through the use of other drama medium such as costume, lighting and sound. Students are assessed for their creating, performing and evaluation skills.

Drama improves self-confidence/self-esteem and interpersonal skills; giving opportunity for individual growth and development to increase the ability to think and respond creatively. Drama empowers students to develop literacy and oracy skills as well as their ability to analyse and evaluate in both written and practical work. Drama provides a safe environment to explore and understand social and moral issues that nurtures empathetic skills, viewing events from multiple perspectives; the arts make us feel connected to one another and less isolated. Through experience of theatre, students connect to their cultural heritage and we encourage them to be engaged and active theatre participants. Drama builds resilience in the face of challenge; it changes the lives of our students in the present and prepares them for their future.



We have three dedicated teaching areas. Our main performance space is a studio with raked seating, inbuilt sound system and Intelligent lighting. Our second studio is an adapted class room with some lighting and sound facilities; the third is a purpose built dance studio with sprung floor and sound system. We are well resourced in terms of play texts, costumes, props and music. We also have a dedicated sound and lighting technician.

Enrichment / Performance Opportunities

Every KS3 student in Year 7 and Year 8 is encouraged to perform their practical class work to an audience in the Drama Studio and there is a KS3 festival once a year. Year 9 and 10 also have a Drama evening for showing their work.  Regular theatre trips are organised for KS4 and KS5 as theatre reviews are part of the course; we also hope that their practical work will be inspired and enriched by these visits. Students at KS4 and KS5 have also been fortunate enough to work alongside professional practitioners and companies such as Frantic Assembly and George Dillon. All students are invited to audition for the annual musical. We also support students who are auditioning for the National Youth Theatre.


All information and resources needed for revision are available on the subject pages of Firefly: Click Here: http://heathfieldcc.fireflycloud.net/browse-resources/subjects