Music is a successful department who have been described as ‘Outstanding’ in a Music specific inspection by Ofsted in 2011. We are also part of the extremely successful Performing and Visual Arts Faculty.

Curriculum Intent

As a department we want to encourage as many students as possible to be musically active. We encourage students to perform and compose and be able to critically evaluate the music they listen to. We want to give a broad range of musical experiences to students building confidence in performing and hopefully giving them musical memories that will last a lifetime. The Music department staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and always striving to get the best out of students.

All students are able to build up their musical understanding so that they can access and analyse a challenging, wide range of musical genres, historical periods, styles, culture and traditions (including great composers and musicians). Students will be able to identify musical elements (melody, harmony, structure, rhythm, different instruments and musical notation) and use them within unheard listening to show how music is made and then practically apply them into composition. Students learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, using both instruments and technology.



We have 3 music specific classrooms 2 of which are equipped with apple iMacs, 34 in total. We have 3 recording areas including a pod based recording studio, a dedicated mixing room and a smaller recording area. Each are acoustically treated and equipped with audio interfaces and studio monitors. We have a wide range of microphones to cover the majority of recording applications. All computers run Logic Pro, Sibelius and GarageBand and 1 classroom has access to Auralia ear training software. As a department we are increasing our use of iPads for both teaching and learning. Students have access to 4 practice rooms, each with a piano, and also a drum room with 2 drum kits. We have a large range of African and Indian instruments as well as keyboards, Brass, Ukuleles and percussion. We also have a series of guitars and amps as well as a number of vintage synthesisers.


As a department we run several extra-curricular clubs. These include:

  • Collegium Orchestra
  • One Voice Choir
  • Swing Band
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Staff & student Choir & Ukulele Ensemble
  • Music Theory Club
  • Production Orchestra
  • Production Chorus
  • String Orchestra
  • Double Bass ensemble
  • African Drumming


We put on several concerts and events throughout the year, both in school and in the local area, including:

  • Yearly Music tours to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium
  • KS3 recitals (twice a year)
  • KS4 recitals
  • Christmas Carol concert
  • Gifted and Talented Summer concert (with primary school students)
  • 6th form cabaret (at the 6 Bells, Chiddingly)
  • School Production
  • HASP Concert at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls
  • Open Evening
  • Heathfield Honours Evening


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