Geography is part of the wider Humanities Faculty which includes History and RE. The department consists of 4 specialist teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching Geography at all Key Stages and Environmental Science at KS4. Exam results at GCSE, AS and A2 for geography have been consistently very good and well above the national average.

Curriculum Intent

We seek to give pupils the ability to “write the world”. Our aim is that they will be able to understand why the world is the way that it is and make justifiable predications about how it is likely to change in the future. To meet this goal, we seek to create knowledgeable pupils who are confident in their understanding of both human and physical processes. This is the substantive and propositional knowledge that underpins our curriculum. Our curriculum reflects this desire though our structure which explores thematic topics before applying them to regions and through our choice of in depth case studies on contemporary issues. We have thousands of years of recorded observations about the world to pass on to the next generation. This combined wisdom of how the world works is our gift to them; it is their inheritance. With this inheritance comes the responsibility to seek to add to this body of knowledge themselves. Therefore, we also seek to develop the disciplinary knowledge and procedural skills necessary for them to investigate the world themselves. These are ways that geographers think about the subject, such as the routes of enquiry, and the tools they need to carry out investigations through fieldwork, data presentation and data analysis.



The department has three fully equipped Geography rooms, all with interactive whiteboards, computer/internet access with wi-fi. Rooms are displayed with student work and geographical resources to create a rich and stimulating environment in which to learn.


To reinforce geographical learning the department run a number of fieldtrips. These include a Key Stage 3 trip to the Seven Sisters Country Park, GCSE fieldtrip to the Sussex Coast, an Environmental Science trip to Wilderness Wood, AS Geography river studies trip and A2 fieldwork on Pevensey Levels.


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