Art & Photography


The Visual Arts department has a strong team of dedicated, highly skilled teachers.  We are fortunate to have a range of specialist disciplines between use that include; Photography, Illustration, 3D Craft and Design, Fine Art and Textiles.  We believe in working as a team and we share a collective responsibility for success and wellbeing of our students, each other and the department as a whole.

Curriculum Intent

The department prides itself on the quality of our teaching and learning.  The nature of our subjects allows us to approach this through exposure to a wide range of techniques, tools and media. This is underpinned through research into historical and contextual sources that include major movements and artists from the beginning of time to the present day. The result being a proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and design techniques and a firm grasp of key words, terminology and language of art and design.



We are a very well-resourced department and we have a number of specialist facilities available that include, light sensitive screen printing, etching presses, a kiln and knitting machines.  We have two specialist photography rooms that boast 27 monitors in each room and the adobe suite as standard.  We also have a dark room for explorations into traditional black and white hand processed photography.


After school clubs are a standard part of our department and are run on most nights.  Our department is always open to students and many use our facilities in the morning, during break and lunch and after school.  We also run specialist clubs such as the Super Curricular Club and Carnival club. We take great pride in the number of students we have who immerse themselves in our department and become known to all teachers – not just those who teach them.


All information and resources needed for revision are available on the subject pages of Firefly: Click Here:

Examples of work created during the GCSE courses


Art & Design