The Computing department is part of the Maths faculty, teaching Computing, Computer Science, Digital Literacy & Information Technology.

Curriculum Intent

Computer Science: We teach children how to break down real world problems, and to think logically and create programs where key algorithms are applied to solve problems. Every programming language has its own vocabulary and grammar but they all follow the same type of logic. We expose the students to the computational idea of abstraction, and how to think logically, plan and write programs to solve problems. They will learn skills which are transferable between programming languages, not just how to program in one particular language. They will also be taught at a basic level how a computer works, particularly the architecture and the binary representation of data.

Information Technology: We aim to teach children the skills they need to survive in the modern digital world. They will need to be confident using information and communication technology throughout their time in education and as they enter the workplace. They need to be able to use relevant software creatively. They need to be able to confidently evaluate and use a variety of software to solve problems. This includes managing their files (especially now they are more used to iPads where this skill is not required in the same way) and effectively evaluate resources from elsewhere.

Digital literacy: Students need to be ready to be active participants in a digital world. In particular they need to know how to be responsible and stay safe online. We aim to enable students to be digitally literate. They need to understand how to keep their data and passwords safe and understand the risks online, and what to do if something goes wrong. They need to understand they have both legal and ethical responsibilities and how to treat people with respect online.



The Computing block hosts five computer suites that are equipped with interactive whiteboards. All students have their own email and Firefly accounts to support homework and coursework submission and feedback across all subjects. They also have full remote access to the College network from home. Students have access to video, sound and image editing software as well as Microsoft Office. Other programs used include Scratch, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Monkeyjam (stop go animation) as well as a range of subject specific software. All computers are networked with Internet access and private home drives. Students have a wealth of digital support materials available to allow them to progress independently in Computing related lessons. This includes video, sound and text based learning materials.
There is also College wide Wi-Fi access to enable students to connect to the network and the internet whilst using their ipads in any lesson.


All information and resources needed for revision are available on the subject pages of Firefly: Click Here: