Philosophy, Religion & Ethics


The Philosophy, Religion & Ethics department consists of one full-time and one part-time specialist teachers who are committed to delivering a PRE curriculum in line with the East Sussex Locally Agreed Syllabus which states that the aim of religious education is “to give children and young people opportunities to explore the spiritual dimension of human experience and fundamental questions of human life, relating these to the beliefs, values and practices of believers and others and to their own developing beliefs and values.”

Curriculum Intent

PRE gives students an understanding on religious, spiritual and other world views that people in not only their local community, but the wider world hold. All modules are relevant as they concern questions about life, death and what it takes to make a successful citizen of the global world. The PRE plan equips students with the important skills and understanding needed to keep Britain tolerant and inclusive. This curriculum has the development of student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development as a priority; students are constantly encouraged to reflect upon not only their own but other’s actions, beliefs and motivations; whether that is religious or other world view. It shares the Heathfield Important Goals as students are learning, practising and refining the important skills needed to become a successful global citizen. It aims to build self-esteem as students are encouraged to see unity within a diverse world and help them find their place within it. Incorporating the East Sussex SACRE advised themes, the curriculum gives opportunity for students to engage in questions concerning beliefs and concepts, ethics and relationships, global issues, rights and responsibilities and religion and science amongst others.



There are two well equipped PRE rooms as well as a department office/resource base. The department has an extensive range of resources which include a range of text books, posters, artefacts and DVDs. There is computer/ wi-fi internet access in all rooms with a projector & screen in one room and an interactive whiteboard in another. All rooms display student work which creates for a rich and stimulating environment in which to work.


Each year we organise a Year 9 Extended Learning Day on Diversity and Community where a number of guests from a range of religious and secular communities interact and hold discussions and workshops with students. Representatives of the Christian faith have also visited a number of classes in KS4 to give insight into the Christian perspectives on a range of religious and moral questions. There is opportunity for students in the Sixth Form to attend a conference on Philosophy, Religion & Ethics.


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