Politics is a course students enjoy studying as we give you the opportunity to debate current affairs and through studying politics you also gain a much wider understanding of the world around you. It has never been a more exciting time to study Government and Politics. The recent General election in Britain, the recent Referendum on the European Union and the rise of Donald Trump make Politics a topical and relevant subject. In A2 you will study the contrasts and connections between the USA and the UK by studying the fascinating and often peculiar world of American politics.

Combines well with

Politics is a diverse qualification and compliments other subjects such as History, Law and Sociology.


Politics is a popular subject for Universities, students who take politics gain critical thinking and analytical skills, students develop their skills of debating and communicating. Politics helps prepare students for many different forms of employment including work in journalism, education, the legal professions and any employment that requires critical thinking and judgement.

Curriculum Intent

In this subject we aim to engender a love of Government and Politics embedded with academic rigour. The study of Politics in the United Kingdom should (as stated by C. Wright Mills) ‘fulfil the promise of social sciences by providing students with the information they need to make sense of the world around them.’  As teachers we will seek to teach the topic with imagination and rigour. Through inspiring the intellectual inquisitiveness of our learners through debate, discussion and a contemporary focus on current political issues we will assist them in writing accurately and precisely about Government and Politics in the United Kingdom based on a firm foundation of knowledge.



In recent years we have taken our students to the Houses of Parliament and UK Supreme Court. Our students have also taken part in local and national debating events.