Heathfield in the News

December 2023
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
School Curriculum Review
Headteacher, Caroline Barlow spoke to the R4 Today Programme, alongside Lord Johnson on the topic of the Lords Select Committee report on 11-16 education, advocating for the place of the Arts in the curriculum.
December 2023
BBC South East
Vaping in schools
Students from Heathfield Community College spoke to Investigative Reporters from BBC South East about the increase in reports of vaping amongst young people and their perceptions of, how the College supports and educates students about different substances.
August- November 2023
Boys Achievement
Headteacher, Caroline Barlow contributed to the writing of the All Party Parliamentary Group report on the issue of Boys under achievement as an example of a school that had closed the gender gap and where boys attainment was equal to that of girls.
June 2023
BBC Sunday Politics
School Funding
Headteacher, Caroline Barlow appeared alongside alumni of the College Helena Dollimore (Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hasting and Rye) discussing the impact of funding pressures on schools.
May 2023
BBC Radio 4 Today programme
Headteacher, Caroline Barlow speaks to Michal Husain about the impact of vaping on schools and young people.
May 2023
BBC Question Time
Sewage in Our Seas
Year 11 student Matthew Prus took part in the BBC flagship topical debate programme Question Time and as well as forming a question on school budgets, contributed to the discussion about the release of raw sewage into our seas
December 2022
LBC The Andrew Marr Show
School Budgets
Prior to the announcement of additional funding for schools in the Autumn Budget our headteacher spoke about the challenges of funding for schools in the climate of a cost of living crisis.




September 2022
BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 4 World at One
Energy Cap
Our Headteacher spoke to the BBC about the benefits and challenges of a 6 month cap on energy prices for schools
July 2022
Creating an RSHE curriculum fit for today’s challenges
Heathfield’s proactive approach to relationship education was profiled in national education press.
May 2022
BBC Radio 4 World at One
Our Headteacher spoke to the Radio 4 The World at One show about current issues in education.
January 2022
BBC Radio 5 Live
Return to Plan A
Our Headteacher spoke to the Radio 5 Live breakfast show about the removal of face coverings in classrooms, the approach to exams and perspectives from schools at the time of this announcement.
January 2022
BBC Radio 5 Live
Plan B Return to College
September 2021
BBC South East
Student Covid Vaccinations
September 2021
ITV Meridian News
Successful Start to The New Term
June 2021
BBC Radio 4 The World at One
Peer on Peer Abuse: Everyone’s Invited and the Ofsted Report
Our Headteacher spoke to BBC Radio 4 The World at One show, alongside the Schools Minister, about the findings of the peer on peer abuse report and implications for schools
March 2021
BBC South East
Lockdown a year on: silent reflection
Students from Heathfield TV were asked by BBC South East to record and submit footage of the students of the College marking the national minute of silence for those who lost their lives in the Covid pandemic. This formed part of a regional montage that was shown in all episodes of the South East news on 23rd March.


March 2021
BBC South East
The Return to School
Students, staff and parent volunteers spoke to Lauren Moss, Political Editor for BBC South East about the return to school site, Lateral Flow Tests, Masks and learning. Heathfield Community College supported the lead story at lunchtime, the main 6.30pm news and late evening news.As part of this change to national lockdown restrictions the Headteacher also spoke to BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio 5 Live in the days leading up to the return to College.


January 2021
BBC Radio Sussex  (Audio Only)
Lockdown 3
Sixth Form student Rachel Sparrow spoke to BBC Sussex the online learning provision, facing another lockdown and the uncertainty facing exam year groups at this time. She spoke on two occasions on 4 and 5 January to the Breakfast Show hosted by Danny Pike.
November 2020
BBC South East
Remembrance Day
Students at the College marked Remembrance day with a 2 minute silence and linked the day to the theme of 2020, the service of nurses and midwives.  The events at College were filmed by HTV students and featured as part of the BBC South East summary of events around the area on 11th November 2020.
October 2020
Hailsham FM
Vitual Open Evenings & Mornings
Head of Heathfield Community College, Caroline Barlow talks with Neil Povey from Hailsham FM about the college’s arrangements for prospective parents, ahead of the 31st October application deadline for Year 7 places in 2021.
September 2020
ITV Meridian News
Back to School
ITV Meridian visited Heathfield Community College to find out how the return to school post-lockdown had been managed.
August 2020
ITV Meridian News
A Level Results
ITV Meridian visited Heathfield Community College to report on the awarding of 2020 A Level examination outcomes.
March 2020
BBC Radio Sussex  (Audio Only)
BBC Radio Sussex explored the issues relating to Covid-19 before lockdown started
February 2020
Digital Generation
ITN (national) vistied Heathfield to explore an Ofcom report on the Digital Generation
December 2019
BBC South East
My First Vote
Sixth former Bayden was interviewed by BBC South East on voting for the first time in the December 2019 General Election
December 2019
Sunday Politics
County Funding
In the light of the December 2019 General Election Sunday politics interviewed our Headteacher about the impact of school funding cuts
August 2019
ITV Meridian News
GCSE Results
On the release of the 2019 GCSE results Heathfield students spoke of the hard work involved in securing their top grades.
May 2019
The Sunday Times
Inspirational Teachers
“Its about believing in people before they believe in themselves” Mr Hatchard is reunited with an ex student who he inspired as part of the DfE #getintoteaching campaign.
January 2019
BBC Radio Sussex (audio only)
Future Careers
BBC Radio Sussex profiled the Employer Mentoring scheme that is run for some students with the suport of local employers and Wealden Works
January 2019
BBC South East
ESCC Funding
BBC South East spoke to our Headteacher and students about the impact of cuts to local authority funding
June 2018
Sunday Politics
The Music Service
Heathfield musicians make some noise about the proposed cuts to East Sussex Music Service.
February 2018
Defence of the Arts
BBC Education editor Branwyn Jeffries reported from Heathfield about the threat to Arts education in schools
BBC-news_logo February 2018
BBC News School Report DayNews Stories produced by Heathfield Students
July 2017
PM for the day
In the 2017 July General Election campaign the BBC asked “What would you do if you were PM for a day?”
May 2017
BBC South East
Manchester Arena Bombing
Heathfield students speak about the importance of being able to discuss difficult events like the Manchester Arena bombing.
February 2017
Sunday PoliticsEducation Funding
In February 2017 our Heathfield Headteacher spoke to Sunday Politics about the pressure being placed on schools due to lack of education funding.  Click here for full programme article
BBC-news_logo February 2017
BBC News School Report DayNews Stories produced by Heathfield Students
BBC-news_logo February 2016
BBC News School Report DayNews Stories produced by Heathfield Students