Royal Society of Chemistry UK Chemistry Olympiad

Congratulations to year 13 A level chemistry students Josh, James and Elke who competed in the Royal Society of Chemistry UK Chemistry Olympiad, and achieved Bronze and Silver certificates (beating over 60% of students nationally).

The competition is designed to challenge and inspire, and is a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field.

Budding chemists engage in a competition that consists of a 2 hour examination and was sat on January 25th this year. The paper is extremely challenging, asking questions that require knowledge from beyond the scope of the A level specification, up to degree level chemistry and requiring critical thinking skills and problem solving in a range of chemical contexts. This year’s paper included questions about the metals used to make the World Cup trophy, MRI technology used by the NHS, and fuel producing bacteria, amongst other things.

The students then had a long wait for their results whilst they continued to study for their final exams in the summer.

Students found out their results after the Easter holiday, in April. 14,915 students had taken part nationally and to achieve a Silver certificate, James and Elke scored amongst the top 25% of entrants, and Josh achieved a bronze certificate by scoring in the top 40%.develop critical problem-solving skills, learn to think more creatively and get a chance to test their knowledge in new, real-world situations beyond the scope of their A level studies.

“I decided to attempt the Chemistry Olympiad Challenge to push myself and strengthen my general chemistry knowledge while also improving my confidence. I found it very refreshing and interesting to see different styles of questions which covered new aspects of chemistry that I hadn’t studied before. I found it rewarding to take what I have learnt from the A-level syllabus and apply it to a real-world problems. I would definitely recommend it to any chemistry student, it’s very different from the typical questions and provided a good confidence boost.”

Josh, student

“This is a fantastic achievement and sets all three students up brilliantly as they now go into their final A level exams”

Ms Taylor, Curriculum Leader for Chemistry

“It is a real testament to the quality of both the students and the Chemistry teaching that they have managed this as well as preparing for their final exams. It is real recognition for the hard work and ambition of our staff and students, we are really proud”

Ms Barlow , Headteacher