Twisted Tales: National Writing Success

Congratulations to our Heathfield Community College students who wrote their own ‘Twisted Tales’ short stories as part of a nationwide writing competition and have been chosen to be published in the edition of ‘Twisted Tales – 2022.’

The competition was run by a company called Young Writers. It was a creative writing competition that was open from ages 11-18. The nationwide competition ran through March and closed at the start of the Easter break.

Students had to flip the narrative, and give the villains a voice. This made them think about narrative choices and perspective changes, to consider how much of our understanding of a story changes if we change the point of view. They were given a Story Starter and had to give the villain’s point of view in just 100 words! The students were judged on their imagination and creativity as well as use of language and interpretation of the theme. 

The ‘Twisted Tales 2022’ is scheduled for publication on 1st July 2022 and we can’t wait to receive a copy of the book!