Students’ pride in their community: Heathfield Time Capsule

Students engage with community project to mark the opening of Holdenhurst, a new development of affordable apartments for older people

Abbeyfield South Downs has launched a time capsule initiative to celebrate the opening of its affordable rental development Holdenhurst – and is inviting the local Heathfield community to get involved.

Heathfield Students were more than happy to talk with pride about the value they place on their community, the environment and the features which mean the most to them. The college is proud to present the video that was produced by student leaders and forms a part of the capsule that is buried for posterity. In 50 years’ time these students will be able to reflect on the significance of these thoughts made at the start of their future journeys.

The time capsule will be buried under a Monkey Puzzle tree on the Holdenhurst site on Mill Road in May. It includes items that help tell the story of the area past and present, as well as objects that represent what it is like to live in modern Britain today.

Abbeyfield South Downs, a registered charity that specialises in offering Care Enabled housing for older people in the local community, will be inviting schools in the area, community groups, businesses and residents of the town to contribute content and ideas, including photography of Heathfield through the ages; drawings from school children to illustrate what living in Heathfield means to them; as well as film footage of local residents talking about what life is like in Heathfield today. The capsule will also include current British currency, stamps, tinned produce, a disused iPhone, front pages of national and local papers available to buy on the day. A soil sample taken from the grounds of Holdenhurst in an airtight vial, to celebrate the building’s opening, will also be put in.

It will be marked by a plaque and will be dug back up in fifty years’ time. To get involved with the time capsule, please contact Sarah Jones on [email protected].