Reading Award Winners

Each term, the English department and library reward our students for their reading.  If students read 2 books or more within a term, they are awarded a Bronze Award; 4 – 7 books and they receive a Silver Award and any student who reads 8 books or more receives a Gold Award. To earn a Gold Award, our students need to illustrate they have read their books by providing a short review of what they’ve read.  These can be books from home or from our wonderful library.

Despite the pressure of online learning and dealing with a global pandemic, our Year 7-9 students still managed to read over 700 books collectively between January and April!

Language and literacy provide us with the building blocks not just for academic success, but for fulfilling careers and rewarding lives. Using a variety of approaches ranging from one-to one and small group interventions in school as well as working with families to help them support reading together at home we have been able to closely identify and support those who find reading more difficult as well as those who naturally love it. By introducing students to a range of different styles of authors and poets in person (even virtually) they have been able to find a style that suits them and be inspired, as well as enabling those who already enjoy reading to take their passion even further.

Two of our Gold Award students were picked at random to receive a £10 amazon voucher.  Isabel Sheppard managed to read an amazing 12 books within a term and Oscar Austin read a fantastic 10 books within a term!  Well done to Oscar and Isabel and all our Gold Award achievers!  We are looking forward to seeing how many of our fantastic readers are going to achieve an award this term!

Developing Students’ Vocabulary

We understand the importance of developing students’ vocabulary across the curriculum. Put simply, the more words you know, the further you’ll go. Words are essential to access the curriculum for every pupil; they provide the means for self-expression and prove vital to exam success. 

As we view it, vocabulary teaching is not additional to the curriculum it must be embedded within it: the language is the knowledge and the knowledge is the language.

As well as focusing on the subject specific vocabulary needed to show excellence in each unit of work, departments across the school have contributed to our Words of the Term. These are a set of high quality words which students would benefit from knowing and using to support success across the curriculum.

It would be great to know these were being used and repeated at home too.

Currently the Words are:

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term