A Carol Concert like no other

IMG_0175We all knew that Christmas 2020 was not going to be normal after the last year, or even recent weeks, but none of us could have predicted how “not normal” it would be.

Undaunted by the potential loss of one of their keynote events of the year, our innovative Music Department set about planning ways to bring their talents to the virtual world we have all become so used to inhabiting.

With exceptional skill in logistics and planning they set about organising year group bubbles and musicians across multiple different bubbles to be able to come together virtually in one festive recording.

The end result, captured in recordings by the Heathfield TV crew, is a phenomenal set of traditional carols and songs. All perfectly designed to lift our spirits and remind us of what Christmas is really all about.

The 11 tracks ranging from ‘Silent Night’ to ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ with many a jingling bell in between have been compiled into a Carol Concert CD. Available to purchase now on request we will also be gifting copies to the local care homes with whom we have started a long-term relationship bridging generational, geographic and pandemic divides.

Adding readings to carols, our Lead Prefect Team once again rose to the occasion and made this virtual event feel authentic, genuinely compassionate and meaningful. The event was completed with a message from Headteacher, Caroline Barlow giving thanks for our community and the efforts of staff and students over the course of the year. The Concert was released online on the evening of 15 December to our parents and wider community.

A Very Merry Christmas to one and all.


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