SMSC Statement

All aspects of the curriculum at Heathfield Community College allow for the development of students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. The diverse range of topics, learning experiences and opportunities promotes students understanding of SMSC and the Fundamental British Values. It allows for students to become thoughtful, caring and active citizens both in the school and the wider community whilst allowing for all students to thrive.

Spiritual Development Students are able to develop their spiritual learning through:

  • The delivered curriculum in RE and PSHEe which has opportunities for students to explore their own and other people’s beliefs, faiths, feeling and values.
  • Extended Learning Days which develop their curiosity about learning in different circumstances using creativity and imagination.
  • Taking part in extra-curricular activities including sport, music and drama along with other clubs that develop their fascination about learning through different media.
  • Attending trips and visits to extend their knowledge of subjects and topics they are studying.
  • Reflecting on their own beliefs and experiences through assembly topics and tutor time discussions.
  • Reflection of targets and their own attitudes to learning to highlight opportunities to improve their own progress.
Moral Development Students are able to develop their moral learning through:

  • Becoming active leaders in school through sport, the student council and the college leadership programme.
  • Responding positively to the praise system and understanding how their actions can result in consequences.
  • Partake in discussions in lessons and act appropriately when offering views about different issues and understand that others may have different viewpoints.
  • Contributing to discussions in lessons and tutor times regarding law and its place in society.
  • Taking opportunities to demonstrate our Heathfield Habits in particularly “Honesty & Integrity”
Social Development Students are able to develop their social learning through:

  • Opportunities to work with students from different year groups in College by becoming a buddy, prefect or supporting other year group activities.
  • Opportunities to work with students and the wider community through events such as The Big Draw, The Big Dance, Carnival Club, Digital Genius’ and KS2 Sports Festivals.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and represent the school at events such as Open Evenings, Open Mornings and participation in youth elections.
  • Engage with the Fundamental British Values through lessons, tutor time and assemblies to allow them to participate fully and contribute positively (see FBV Statement)
Cultural Development Students are able to develop their cultural learning through:

  • Actively participating in their RE and PSHEe lessons through discussions and activities based around faith, beliefs and religions.
  • Contributing to the Year 9 Extended Learning Day based on Diversity.
  • Opportunities to partake in College trips and excursions such as trips abroad (Lille, Aachen, Music Tour) and trips in the UK (BFI, Brighton Children’s Parade, Art Galleries)
  • Participate in activities outside of lessons including: sports clubs, Live music Thursday, Film Friday and the student leadership programme.
  • Contributing to whole College charity events along with raising money for chosen year group charities.


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