The Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Department is a stand-alone department at Heathfield CC which delivers much of the statutory and recommended strands of educating young people which do not easily fit into the remit of other subjects. These important areas include: Careers Education, Personal and Financial Well Being, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Work Related Learning and Citizenship.

Teaching & Learning

The Teaching and Learning in PSHEe is student centred and focused on: talk, group work, personal reflection and debating. The best learning also has to be in the context of safeguarding, so Ground Rules are essential.


The Department has a dedicated classroom, and a resource base which doubles as an office.

In addition to delivering PSHEe lessons across Key Stages 3 and 4, the Department is also heavily involved in a number of whole school initiatives including: Anti- Bullying Week, The Anti- Bullying Champions, ‘Kindness Day’, Career Talks, the Big Vote, Student Voice initiatives,  charity fund raising events and part of the planned tutor programme.


Our curriculum, by necessity, is always evolving so that it can take account of national and local shifts in behaviour and priority. We are always involved in any relevant surveys and data that can inform what we teach and ensure its relevance and usefulness. A general outline of the topics we cover is as follows:

Year 7:

  • My new community, prejudice and inclusion
  • Anti- Bullying
  • Alcohol and volatile substances
  • Puberty
  • NGOs, charities and campaigning, focus on the work of Alzheimers and Animal charities
  • Personal safety

Year 8:

  • Stereotyping, and group identity
  • Careers: choosing options
  • Crime
  • Healthy Lifestyles, including: Nutrition, Anti- Smoking, Body Image

Year 9:

  • Internet Safety
  • Work related learning and employability skills
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education
  • Sex and Relationships Education

Year 10:

  • Parenting, fostering and adoption
  • Abortion
  • Mental Health and extremism
  • STIs, with a focus on chlamydia
  • Body Image
  • Sexuality

Year 11:

  • Prejudice: religious, racism, homo and transphobia, disabilism, sexism and ageism.
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Careers Education: choices post 16
  • Sexuality: the law, its relationship with alcohol, pornography
  • Study and relaxation skills