Psychology is part of a wider Social Science department, together with Sociology. The specialist psychology teachers are part of a diverse but integrally linked department with a wide range of expertise and experience in our different subject areas.

Curriculum Intent

We aim to develop students’ understanding of the scientific nature of psychology. We want them to be able to conduct scientific research and to be able to analyse critically any psychological research studies and theories they encounter in terms of validity and reliability. They will do this with an awareness of ethical issues when conducting psychological research. Our students will be able to discuss the different approaches within psychology and how each of these approaches would explain aspects of human behaviour. Our students will be able to apply their psychological knowledge to understand and improve the lives of individuals and society as a whole. They will develop the ability to write scientific essays and research reports. In addition, they will develop numerical skills in their study of data analysis.



We are a well-resourced department with a fully equipped dedicated teaching room.


Drop-in support and revision sessions are offered to students throughout the year. In addition we are developing links with local universities and offer visits and trips to conferences when relevant to the content taught.


All information and resources needed for revision are available on the subject pages of Firefly: Click Here: