Student Leadership

Student Leadership Opportunities

Heathfield Community College is committed to offer opportunities for students to develop their own leadership abilities. Our leadership programme compliments our extra curricular offer and supports students in developing skills that they can apply both inside and outside of College. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to actively participate in schemes that develop their collaborative working skills and their abilities to lead others.

Current opportunities include:



Digital Genius Our Digital Geniuses support other students and staff with the use of iPads across the school. Students are an active part of the technical side giving guidance from our Digital Genius bar. They also play a part in suggesting opportunities for using apps for teaching and learning and as part of the evaluation of digital technology in college.
Radio Heathfield Launched in 2015 Radio Heathfield broadcasts shows to students throughout the week. We have students from all year groups participating in the development and performance of shows. The radio is broadcast in tutor times once a week and  they also broadcast shows during break and lunch times. By the end of the year outside speakers will ensure that the radio can be heard across the college.
Heathfield Vine Our online newspaper has been established for a number of years. It is written by the students and edited by a team of Sixth Formers. They produce and edit articles on a range of different topics which are shared termly through the student run website.
Library Leaders Our library leaders support the day-to-day running of the library by taking responsibility for loaning out books, booking computer facilities and organising the collection. As the numbers grow our library leaders will also start to write book reviews to promote literacy across the college.
Prefects Our prefect system is offered to all students in Year 11. Students apply for the role which involves an application based on our Habits and an interview. Successful students are able to work in departments and in year groups to support younger students across the school. They are also an integral part of our whole school events by meeting parents and offering directions.
Sports Leaders Students complete Level 1 sports leaders in PE lessons. Along with this a number of students support the PE department by leading activities when visiting primary schools or having younger students to the College. We are currently planning how we can support Year 10 students to gain the Level 2 sports leader qualification.
Buddies & Mentors We offer mentoring schemes in Year 10 and Year 12. Year 10 students work with younger students to develop their confidence and attitude to learning. Our Year 12 students support Year 7 on intake and develop a mentoring role helping them with the transition to Secondary School.
Student Researchers We are developing the role of student researchers who work with a member of staff to research into specific topics as part of our College Development. Currently we have used researchers to gather information on the effectiveness of homework.
Anti-Bullying Champions A group of trained students who can support their peers with issues surrounding bullying and provide a visible presence for students.


Other opportunities currently under development include:

  • Music and Art Leaders – who can support with the development of activities and performances during the college day and after college hours.


Over the course of this academic year we will be implementing our Heathfield Leadership Accreditation. This will provide awards for students who complete set objectives in each of the leadership strands. Students will be able to develop their leadership skills through the bronze, silver and gold awards in the areas highlighted above. More information coming soon!