Parent Feedback

As part of our whole college evaluation process we take into account parental feedback through surveys conducted at parent’s evenings.  From these results we propose actions which then feed into our development plans and support change to improve students’ and parents’ experience.​

Attendance at Parent’s Evenings

The table below highlights the percentage of parents who attended parent’s evenings with the numbers who responded to the questionnaires given. The numbers show an average year on year increase in attendance at parent’s evenings with 91% attendance on average across all year groups. In academic year 2013-14 this was 87%.

The number of responses gained for our questionnaire has increased dramatically owing to the use of iPads to gain feedback during the actual evening. This provides us with more opportunities to look into parent’s feedback and act upon comments given.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
2014/15 Attendance 90% 93% 96% 91% 90% 91.5% 90%
Responses 90 118 88 43 32 37 18
2015/16 Attendance 90% 96% 92% 83% 91% 94.5% 90%
Responses 97 82 115 83 134 124 97


You said… we did

Click the links below to access the documents which highlight the findings from our parent questionnaires and also show what current actions are taking place. The document for the current academic year will be updated after each questionnaire is analysed.

Parent Feedback 2015-16
Parent Feedback 2014-15

How to contribute

We are always happy to receive feedback about the college and will work with parents and the wider community to highlight areas that could be further improved. One of the main methods of contributing is through are parent Forums. These are advertised in Heathfield Headlines with any feedback from these forums also being published.

Current Forums to get involved with this year include:

  • E-Safety
  • Communication
  • STEM
  • Boys Achievement
  • Response to Concerns

If you would like to join a parent Forum or if you have any further questions, comments or feedback please contact Reception