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It is important to give students time to formulate their ideas and to express a clear thought process as this will create confidence for the student within your subject. There are many ways to help students practise and structure quality verbal responses which can be transferred to the students writing.

There are many interactive and engaging ways to develop and improve oracy skills this can include activities such as:


Makes students think about specific subject themes using a range of vocabulary whilst having to ensure their oracy skills are precise and accurate. Students need to describe the word to a partner without saying the taboo words on the card.

A group revision

  • 3 students – A, B and C.
  • A has a piece of paper with a list of information about a topic that has been covered.
  • B must tell C everything they know about that topic in 1-2 minutes. A will tick off the information covered by B on the sheet.
  • Then B and C swap but C must repeat everything that B has said first and then add anything that hasn’t been covered to it.
  • The group with the most number of points ticked off, wins!

Looking for new ideas there maybe something for you here:


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