Yr 5 & 6 Transition

Year 7 School Admissions September 2019

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In Year Admission

East Sussex process all admissions through the academic year.

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Moving from primary to secondary school is a milestone for both students and families – it is a fantastic opportunity to try a variety of new activities, there are new subjects to learn and friends to meet. It’s natural to feel both excited and a little apprehensive about what their new school will be like.  Together with our primary school colleagues, we will be working hard to ensure all questions are answered and that your child feels confident and happy about this important move.

There are opportunities throughout the year to experience Heathfield in a range of circumstances through our primary links programme of activities. More specifically, members of our Transition Team who include the Head of Year, Assistant Head Teacher and some of our students, will come in to primary schools to meet the year 6 pupils. During this time we run an interactive session on the iPads along with more general questions and answers about secondary school to help prepare the year 6’s for their move to Heathfield.

Later in the summer term our new students will visit us for a day to be shown round the school and accompanied to lessons by hosts from our present Year 9. Pupils are allocated to tutor groups and have the chance to join existing friends and make new ones on this day. The experience of previous years indicates that this visit does go a long way to putting the children’s minds at rest and build confidence, particularly when they see for themselves how well their predecessors have settled in.