Backing Up Your iPad

The information on this page is intended to help you manage the files on your iPad, ensuring there is enough space left on the device for school work.  There are a huge variety of apps and potential uses for the iPad, and while we would encourage you to use them creatively in your own time, it is vital that sufficient resources remain for use at school.

If your storage space is running low, personal photographs and videos not required for school work should be copied off the device and then deleted from the iPad.  Some apps, particularly some games, can take up a large amount of space – again, if these are not required for school work they should be deleted.

Regularly backing up important files (especially your school work!) is also good practice, and can be a lifesaver should your iPad ever fail or fall foul of an unfortunate incident!  There are many options for backing up your device; details of some are listed below.

A guide to uploading files to eLockers can be found on our website here.

Photographs and videos can be easily backed up to a PC by simply connecting your device, whilst unlocked, to a USB port.  The iPad will show up as a storage device, just like a memory stick, and files can be dragged from the device to your computer.

iTunes and iCloud offer the most comprehensive backup service for an iPad.  iTunes can be used to backup your iPad to your computer, and iCloud to the internet.  Please have a look at this information on the Apple website about these services.

The Digital Trends website has published a detailed guide to using iCloud and the services it offers here.

The school is able to offer every student a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which includes a large amount of online storage using OneDrive for Business.  Microsoft has published a guide for using this facility here.

If you have a Google account, you can also use the Drive app to upload files from the iPad to Google Drive.  Google has published a guide here, more details on uploading files here.