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Heathfield Headlines Issue 38

#FlatCashEd – School Funding

FlatCashLogoYou may be aware of the campaign that Headteachers in other counties, such as West Sussex have launched, in order to protest at the lack of school funding and the effect on our children and young people. Headteachers and governors in East Sussex have decided to do something similar and we would like to ask you to join in. Please find attached a letter from the Headteacher which mirrors letters sent from East Sussex schools across the county today asking you to support this campaign and write to your MP. You can find out more by following on Twitter and Facebook.

All schools are facing considerable pressures on their budgets; the government claims that funding for schools has remained the same, but this does not take account of the fact that all schools face rising costs due to inflation and other extra charges recently introduced by the government. According to the National Audit Office, this will equate to £3 billion less between 2019 and 2020. Any additional funds suggested by today’s budget announcements are for select types of schools in particular areas and do not make any difference to the core budgets of schools like ours.

How does this affect Heathfield?

Like all schools we are having to re-evaluate hard in the light of “protected budgets” which in effect means no funding for rising costs. Whilst we are undoubtedly looking to make efficiencies we are prioritising the experience for students and staff to ensure that we focus on ensuring the provision and experience for our community is maintained at the high standards we have set out. Many schools across the country have been cost cutting for some time and some feel they have little left to cut. We do have to look to make savings but we will still be able to maintain an offer that matches our very high expectations and ambitions.

However we do need all support from our community to raise the issue as a concern and would value all that you feel able to offer.

BBC reporter Ross Hawkins visits Heathfield Community College for a report on school funding. Click above to listen.

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FlatCash Education on the Doorstep

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The House Cup

19 July 2017
Announcing the winners of the 2016-17 House Cup

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HCC Election Results 2017

I, the Acting Returning Officer for the HCC Election 2017, hereby give notice that the total number of votes given for each candidate at the election of 8th Of June was as follows;

Click to view Results

And that Huw Merriman has been duly elected as Member of Parliament for the HCC Election 2017

Heathfield Headlines Issue 33

Statement regarding the incident in Manchester

25th May 2017

We will be joining with the rest of the UK in holding a 1 minute silence at 11am in memory of those who tragically lost their lives in the recent Manchester bombing.  A bell will ring at 11am where we ask that all staff and students stop where they are and reflect in silence for 1 minute. A bell will ring to the end the silence.  We are not calling all of us together in a designated area, just to stop and reflect wherever you are exactly as we did when we marked the Paris attacks.


23 May 2017

Most of us this morning will have woken with shock to the disturbing news of an incident at a concert in Manchester last night involving many young people. For many this will be grave and potentially upsetting news. It is too early at this stage for the College to take any definitive action in response, however there is an acknowledgement that the venue and age of the victims and casualties will have real resonance for our students and families.

Our thoughts this morning are primarily with those who have been affected directly by the incident, those who have lost family, are injured or missing.

Tutors will be able to support students to discuss events if they wish to this morning as part of understanding events. We will work to ensure that this and any more formal response from the College later in the week will focus on denying any language of division or intention to unsettle, concentrating instead on the considerable power of compassion and community.

Advice if you’re upset by the news – CBBC Newsround

Heathfield Headlines Issue 32

Fidget Spinners

8 May 2017

We are aware that over the last week some students have chosen to bring into College items commonly known as “Fidget-Spinners”.  Whilst we recognise that for a very small number of students these may have benefits, they are not the only source of stress-relieving aid available and for many students they are simply not necessary at all.  Therefore there are only very few cases for a student to have reason to bring them into school, under no circumstances should they brought in as a toy or for entertainment.

The position of the school at the moment is a reflection of the trust and mutual respect that we share with our students. We are clear that they have no place in lessons, they are a distraction to others, and can prevent learning and concentration. Therefore spinners should not be seen in class or any other school spaces within the building, if they are seen they will be taken and returned at the end of the day.

This does not represent at this stage a blanket ban of the items, we choose to place our trust in the students to be able to implement this responsibly. If students are not able to respect this position and comply with the expectation above then we would have no choice but to adopt a more authoritarian approach to the spinners, in any school location at any time.

We believe that students at Heathfield are more than capable of showing understanding and respect to each other so that this guidance can be accepted and  adopted with immediate effect.

Many thanks

Ms C Barlow


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