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Level 3 Heatwave Alert

19 June 2017


Please note that we are aware that there is a Level 3 Heatwave alert for this week. The information below details the actions that we have taken as a College and the support we would like from families to ensure that all young people are able to enjoy the warmer weather without risk of harm.

Inside the College:

  • As you will be aware we are already in our summer uniform so no student should be wearing additional outer layers or clothing that will increase body heat.
  • All staff will ensure that rooms are kept as well ventilated as possible with windows and doors open as appropriate to enable air to circulate.
  • Many of our classrooms have automatic lighting that responds to movement so electric light will not add to heat in classrooms unnecessarily.
  • We have outdoor areas that staff will be able to access for lessons if they feel it appropriate.
  • We have shaded areas that should be used during social time to stay out of the direct sun, especially at lunchtime.  The College has erected additional gazebos to ensure shade is available. Inside areas such as the Library, Dining Hall and Link Hall also provide shelter from direct sun.
  • Duty staff will be vigilant in ensuring sensible behaviours at social time keep students as cool as possible.
  • All students are required to bring a water bottle to school and ensure it is kept refilled as required. There are multiple water stations around the College including the Dining Hall and next to the Snack Shack.  Other cold drinks are available to purchase.  As usual students are always able to drink water in or out of lessons.
  • Our first aid trained staff are aware and vigilant of the signs and symptoms of overheating and will be able to take the appropriate action as required.

At Home:

  • Please make sure your child has a water bottle and understands the importance of refilling it in a timely manner (i.e. not the minute before a lesson!).
  • Please ensure your child applies sun cream at the start of the day.
  • Please ensure your child understands the importance of:
    • seeking shaded areas to keep cool if they need to,
    • not playing vigorous sports in a manner that results in overheating,
    • seeking help from an adult if they feel unwell.


The Department of Health publication ‘Heatwave – A guide to looking after yourself and others during hot weather’ provides advice on what to do under such circumstances. The College will be following the advice and guidance as set out by ESCC relating to schoolchildren.

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Statement regarding the incident in Manchester

25th May 2017

We will be joining with the rest of the UK in holding a 1 minute silence at 11am in memory of those who tragically lost their lives in the recent Manchester bombing.  A bell will ring at 11am where we ask that all staff and students stop where they are and reflect in silence for 1 minute. A bell will ring to the end the silence.  We are not calling all of us together in a designated area, just to stop and reflect wherever you are exactly as we did when we marked the Paris attacks.


23 May 2017

Most of us this morning will have woken with shock to the disturbing news of an incident at a concert in Manchester last night involving many young people. For many this will be grave and potentially upsetting news. It is too early at this stage for the College to take any definitive action in response, however there is an acknowledgement that the venue and age of the victims and casualties will have real resonance for our students and families.

Our thoughts this morning are primarily with those who have been affected directly by the incident, those who have lost family, are injured or missing.

Tutors will be able to support students to discuss events if they wish to this morning as part of understanding events. We will work to ensure that this and any more formal response from the College later in the week will focus on denying any language of division or intention to unsettle, concentrating instead on the considerable power of compassion and community.

Advice if you’re upset by the news – CBBC Newsround

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