Home Learning

The College believes that homework plays a fundamental role in students being successful in their study.  Completing homework to the best of their ability helps students to both achieve their potential and encourage the independence required to be successful in their lives.

Key Stage 3

When students join the College in Year 7, homework is gradually phased in during their first term. This is to ensure that students fully understand the College expectations in relation to meeting deadlines and producing homework of excellent quality.

There are two types of homework task:

Knowledge Organisers:

A Knowledge Organiser is a great homework method they: help to prepare students for upcoming assessments; help to consolidate classroom learning and help students develop the crucial revision skills that they will depend upon in years to come. Tasks set will take approximately 20 minutes per subject.


These are Extended Learning Projects. We recognise that some subjects are different in nature and that by offering another type of homework alongside the Knowledge Organisers, we can help students develop another skill set. Subjects of a more practical nature such as Drama and Design and Technology will require students to complete a substantial piece of homework over a three week period.

The benefits of ELPs are that they: teach students to manage a workload over a set period of time; help students to improve practical and creative skills and develop research skills.

The full list of subjects who will be setting ELPs is: Design and Technology; Drama; Physical Education and, in Year 7, PSE.


Reading is both enlightening and essential. On so many levels, the impact of being a reader is positive. Much evidence exists to show us that those who read achieve better academic outcomes across all subject areas but there is also a wealth of evidence about how those who read are happier people; reading is an escape from the pressures of modern day life.

As such, we require all Key Stage 3 students to complete 2 hours of reading a week. Students will be required to talk about their reading in their library lessons and in tutor time.


Key Stage 4

As students move into Key Stage 4 they will need to draw upon all the skills they have developed through homework tasks at Key Stage 3 in order to be fully prepared for their examinations.

Students will be set tasks that help them prepare, and develop the required skills, for success in their GCSE subjects. Examples of tasks that will be set at Key Stage 4 are:

  • Practice exam questions
  • Reading material
  • Research tasks
  • Skills practice
  • Knowledge Organiser tasks

Homework set will be approximately 35-45 minutes per subject and we encourage students to revise regularly in addition to completing their homework.


If students at Key Stage 3 or 4 do not submit work on time, or complete work to a standard below that of which they are capable, a sanction will be given in the form of an after school detention. It is essential that students realise the importance of homework to their educational outcomes and progress.


Key Stage 5

All students will be set homework at the end of each lesson.

Many subjects are moving to a ‘flipped learning’ model. This requires students to learn the content outside of lessons which in turn means students are required to read powerpoints and watch tutorials on Youtube while making notes. The huge benefit of this is that in class, the teacher can focus on testing students’ knowledge and practising exam and coursework skills as opposed to delivering information on a powerpoint.

It is crucial that students complete work set by the deadlines given. Not doing so will have a detrimental impact upon their progress.



Firefly is our tool for setting homework. Staff set all homework through the software and students can access it using their College email address and password. The Firefly App is downloadable on iPads and other mobile devices which displays homework in a diary format. The app, and website, will allow students to organise their homework by date order and give them the independence to manage their learning outside of College.

Please see the documentation below regarding how to use Firefly.