2020 GCSE Results


2020 GCSE results at Heathfield Community College

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Results Day at Heathfield was a very different affair this year as students and their families collected results in a Covid-secure environment following a rollercoaster ride all the way into the final few days. 

Students have experienced circumstances unknown to any previous generation with last-minute announcements up to the day before.

Most students had completed the bulk of their studies by the time lockdown started on 23rd March but continued to finish content and fine tune their skills remotely with the support of their teachers. College staff worked collectively to agree Centre Assessed Grades and Rank orders which were submitted to the exam boards in June.  A standardisation process was been applied to endeavor to ensure fairness and equity across the country, the now infamous algorithm. A decision on Monday resulted in students being awarded the best out of the Centre Assessed Grades and the Exam Board Calculated Grades.


At Heathfield this decision has largely endorsed the Grades submitted by the College with over 99% of grades unchanged. The outcomes maintain the College historic patterns of high performance and achievement. Students will now be well placed to progress onto post-16 courses of their choice.

Staff will be working hard over the coming days to ensure students who wish to change their intentions are supported to do so with expert careers advice and support. However, there will be many happy and relieved students today as they receive outcomes that they deserve and for which they have worked so hard.

Head of Year Mrs Chapman said: “I am so proud of this talented year group, they have been resilient and determined through this last year. They will now be able to go on to their next steps full of confidence in themselves and what they can achieve with hard work and commitment”

Headteacher, Caroline Barlow said: “No students previously will have encountered circumstances like these, we are incredibly proud of the Class of 2020 and how they have supported themselves and each other through the last five months. These results demonstrate the commitment they have shown to their education and the determination they showed over time to fulfill their deservedly high ambitions.  The outcomes are a testament to the sheer quality and potential of these young people, we look forward to hearing more of their very exciting futures.