Response to statements from Ofqual and the DfE: updated 5pm 18.08.2020


We welcome the announcements made on Monday 17 August by Ofqual and the DfE relating to the grading of this year’s A-level & GCSE grades. Our students have shown resilience & integrity this year and we are very proud of them; they deserve the best chances possible under the circumstances. 

We are aware that for a number of students this decision will raise a new set of questions and revisit discussions that may have been resolved over the past few days. Please understand we do not have any advance notice of these announcements, we are equally responding in real time and are seeking to establish the details that will help us best serve our students over the next few days. 

Year 13

We have updated information for Year 13s and provided their Centre assessed Grades via Firefly along with some explanatory guidance (see document below). We would ask that students and parents do not accept at face value the assumption in the media that these were purely teacher predictions and as such could be reflections of UCAS predictions which were created for a different purpose. We had strict criteria to follow and therefore were limited in what we could submit as Centre Assessed Grades. We also know that today’s announcement will have resurrected discussions around future choices. We will continue to work with individuals to resolve any remaining questions.

Year 11 and Year 10

We will run the Year 11 results day as planned, we believe we will be able to provide a “final” grade which should represent the better of either the Centre Assessed Grade or the Awarded Grade. At the very least we will provide Year 11 with their Centre Assessed Grades. The same will apply to the Year 10 Grades which we will send out as planned with the same caveats.

Please be patient as information is changing frequently at this time and allow us to work with you as we use this opportunity to secure the best outcomes for all students as individuals. We remain hugely proud of all of you at this time.

Thank you 


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