Heathfield Hosts Climate Change Conference


eco1On Tuesday 15 October, the Heathfield Eco Rep Team held an eco-conference for primary schools in our area.

Over 60 students from Cross-in-Hand, Parkside, Broad Oak, Punnetts Town, Dallington, All Saints & St Richards, Herstmonceux, Burwash, Mayfield and Five Ashes Primary Schools attended on the day.

They took part in a range of workshops and listened to speakers on the subject of how to make their school more eco-friendly.

Visitors from Southern Water spoke to the students about keeping the sewers clean and visitors from the local council spoke to them about what they could do to improve their schools impact on our planet.

Fog & Flushables (Southern Water) talked about water cleanliness and the environment. Students said: ‘I really enjoyed all the fun activities, especially about the waste and the sewers! I liked finding out about the three Ps’ and ‘I loved the fat berg. It was gross but fun.’

Paul Herdman (Caretaker at Laughton Primary School) spoke about ways in which to make schools more eco-friendly, ‘We need to put bricks in the toilets and switch off the computers!’

eco2Steve Green and Paul Hardman (from East Sussex County Council) spoke about energy saving and the importance of everyone participating in measures to be more environmentally friendly, at school and at home.

‘The talks were really fun! It was really interesting to find out about global warming and what it was.’

The students then split into work groups covering a range of topics to come up with a list of pledges that all the schools could take away to help take action to fight the climate emergency.

‘I liked the eco stations when we went around and talked.’

All the schools will now take their pledges and start to put ideas into action. We will then come back together in July to see how everyone has got on, and to see what else we can all do.