#PM for the day

12 May 2017

Students from Heathfield Community College share their voice on what they would do If they were Prime Minister for the day for a BBC South East series called #PMfortheday.

On Thursday 4 May, BBC South East visited Heathfield Community College to film our year 10 students. Each student was given 20 seconds to outline their personal manifesto and what they would change if they were Prime Minster for the day.

One student from Heathfield spoke about how they would reduce the voting age to 16 as they felt they had no say on how their country was run even though a decision may have a huge impact on their lives. Another said they would abolish the tampon tax, stating that periods are not a luxury and therefore having an extra 5% VAT on them is ridiculous.

Headteacher Caroline Barlow said: “I am delighted that our students have been recognised in this way and shown how capable they are to articulate their informed and intelligent views in such an eloquent way.”

The BBC #PMfortheday series will be running across the BBC South East website and social media channels throughout the month of May until 7 June.  See the first of the series, in the video below: