Fidget Spinners

8 May 2017

We are aware that over the last week some students have chosen to bring into College items commonly known as “Fidget-Spinners”.  Whilst we recognise that for a very small number of students these may have benefits, they are not the only source of stress-relieving aid available and for many students they are simply not necessary at all.  Therefore there are only very few cases for a student to have reason to bring them into school, under no circumstances should they brought in as a toy or for entertainment.

The position of the school at the moment is a reflection of the trust and mutual respect that we share with our students. We are clear that they have no place in lessons, they are a distraction to others, and can prevent learning and concentration. Therefore spinners should not be seen in class or any other school spaces within the building, if they are seen they will be taken and returned at the end of the day.

This does not represent at this stage a blanket ban of the items, we choose to place our trust in the students to be able to implement this responsibly. If students are not able to respect this position and comply with the expectation above then we would have no choice but to adopt a more authoritarian approach to the spinners, in any school location at any time.

We believe that students at Heathfield are more than capable of showing understanding and respect to each other so that this guidance can be accepted and  adopted with immediate effect.

Many thanks

Ms C Barlow